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Movie Review: Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason (imdb)

Overall: Overall this movie was done well. It has everything a good Freddy movie needed and everything a good Jason movie needed. Freddy has his twisted, scary-imagery dream sequences with fairly good special effects that don't try to make the effects too real looking. Plus, Freddy has his bad jokes and puns throughout the movies just like he always does. And Jason does a lot of plodding, killing, and getting speared, burned, slashed, and so on with little effect to him. The fight scene between Freddy and Jason was done near perfectly, glad with the final version they chose for it. There were a few minor surprises, like when Officer Stubbs died, had thought he was going to be the guy who put it all together and came up with a solution, but nope. Splat. There were some parts that you just had to laugh even though someone was getting hacked apart... like when Kia was trying to stand up to Freddy, burying her own fear, insulting Freddy and Freddy, having been dragged into reality from his dream world, was withering back from the verbal assault and bravado, but then he gained confidence, she looks behind her, and there is Jason... clumsy brutal slash and she dies. Just that people will work on facing one of the two baddies and forget there is the other ;)

Visual: Looked good. Special effects were decent, setting was good. Rob's comment was "I'm glad they made Crystal Lake look really cool. I'd have to agree. Freddy's dream world was a frightening rusted industrial plant full of pipes, steam, grated floors and stairs, old rusted lockers, and the like.

Audio: They had the Jason Noise (or as Rob called it "Jason talking"). I don't remember the soundtrack at all. Freddy's lines were horribly cheesy at points (but that is great!) and Jason didn't speak whatsoever. He did a good plodding lumber (I remember the thudding of his muddy boots sounding good)

Plot: Surprisingly, this one has a fairly good plot. I won't spoil it overall, but it brought the two separate gory horror movie worlds together into one pretty seamlessly. The fighting "rules" were done right too, Freddy being basically invincible in his dream world...

Character Development: The movie had a good amount of history of both the cases which was great. Some new scenes of Freddy still alive and a little girl, his photos, and the adults burning him. They also used a couple of scenes (less than a minute total) from other Freddy movies, like the scene from 3 where he was moving the one kid like a puppet with strings of gore. Some flashbacks to earlier Jason killings (think it was new footage, but I've seen fewer Jason movies) as well as scenes of him as a deformed 11 year old kid at Crystal Lake being abused by other kids.

Theme: It had all the fun of good Freddy movies and of good Jason movies with a lot of humor and a fight between two of the best known pulp horror movie bad guys. All we need next time is Pinhead (Leatherface and Michael Meyers are too similar to Jason, don't need 3 Jasons and Jason is the best of the 3, at least in this. I'm glad I didn't see Jason X which everyone said was horrible and almost ruins the Jason movies)

Fun: It was fun :) I'll probably get it on DVD when it comes out. I'd even go see it again in theatres if people convince me they want to see it.

Freddy vs. Jason
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