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Movie Example: Matrix Reloaded

Sure, this review is coming weeks after the movie initially came out.
Odds are, I'm not going to see too many movies in the first week, nor will I see all movies that come out. People can request a movie to be posted so they can review, even if I haven't seen it, and I will start a post for it. (best ways are to contact me over AIM or through email)

Overall: The second part of the Matrix trilogy was a long time coming and didn't quite seem to maintain the pace of the first one. However, it was still an enjoyable movie to watch.

Visual: The special effects were excellent. I was specifically trying to catch when the actor (or double) was really present or when it was a digital rendering: there were few times where I could tell it was digital. A good show of this was the battle against the Agent Smiths. They kept the action moving quickly, not sitting still long enough to get good detail on an individual Smith... but if they were digital, it was a masterful job. If it was makeup and actors, it was also a masterful job. (I didn't research this to know which it was). The "real world" of the Matrix was very futuristic nighttime wasteland and the caverns of Zion were pretty nice to see. All in all very good.

Audio: Others will probably argue against me in sound (especially in any movie using mainstream music). I wasn't especially impressed with the sound. Perhaps it was the theater I was in, or perhaps it was the movie. The background music didn't fit too well at times, while other times it was alright. Thankfully there really wasn't any singing (that I can remember). The characters themselves... their voices sounded pretty unemotional and uninterested.

Plot: There were a few points in the movie where the story jumped ahead a little and left me wondering if I'd not been paying enough attention. Otherwise... I'll be kind and say "I'll wait until I've seen the third one to decide if this one worked or not". Without knowing for certain how the third will go, there are a number of problems with elements of this plot... some things contradicting... but they could turn out to be lies. The problem with the middle of a trilogy (that is planned to be a trilogy from the start) is that there are often loose ends left hanging to be tied up in the finish...

Character Development: Neo can fly, and apparently is a recurring anomoly. Morpheus used to be with Niobe, now that other guy is, but maybe she is switching back. Hmm... I don't remember much else in the way of character development.

Theme: Had lots of action with great choreography (have to see that battle against the many agent Smiths again, in particular). Did have a lot of science fiction to it, nothing particularly innovative at this point, but it didn't slack off either... decent.

Fun: To be honest, this one fluctuates between fun and depressing. The living programs (I forget the exact term they called themselves by, I saw the movie over a week ago) are interesting... from the Keymaker to the Ghosts (if that's what they were called) to Seraph to the Oracle... that they have their own life, their own soul. They are very convincing as people, whereas the typical AI (like the sentinels outside in the real world) are just simple AI: seek and destroy.

The Matrix: Reloaded
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