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Movies, Television, and Video reviews

movies, television, and video reviews
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(If posting a review about something which already has had an entry started for it, please comment on it rather than start a new entry)

Here movies, television shows, anime series, plays, video games, and similar things will be brought up, discussed, and reviewed.

The main reviews will cover key points, as applies:
visual - setting, effects, costumes, etc
audio - background music, sound effects, songs, etc
plot - the story, plot holes, etc
character development - depth, appeal, etc
theme - how good a job the movie did in its genre (ex. how good the fights were in an action movie)
fun - just how much fun it was to watch
overall - not an average of the parts, how good it was overall and how well you'd recommend it to others

Each will be rated on a scale of 0-10, with 0 being miserably bad and 10 being excellent.

Of course, discussion items can be brought up, even on things that aren't necessarily reviewed and rated.

Comments can take the form of similar reviews, arguments, or just talking about your favorite parts or what you would have liked to have seen, etc.

Any who are being abusive (to other posters or reviewers), nasty, and/or can't keep their comments at least moderately clean will probably get banned.